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RCF/ ID Group Home

Hope Haven owns and operates one RCF/ID group home. Walton group home is a 12 bed home licensed by the Department of Inspections and Appeals providing 24 hour support, supervision and care. 


Located in Burlington, Iowa, on a lovely lake setting,  the group home primarily serve individuals developmental disabilities that require necessary services to function.

For more information contact:  Shelley Dirth, 828 N. 7th, Burlington, Iowa 52601, (319) 237-1319, e-mail:

ICF/ID Group Homes

Brueck and Ertz Homes are our ICF/ID group homes.  They serve individuals that have a primary mental disability and must be certified by the Iowa Foundation for Medical Care to be in need of this level of care.


We provide consultant professionals including occupational therapist, physical therapist, psychologist, dietitian, pharmacy, dental and medical services.


For more information contact:  Dee Ann Fields, 828 N. 7th, Burlington Iowa 52601, (319) 237-1315, e-mail:

Supported Community Living Site Homes

Services are designed to provide support and training in a long term living arrangement.  This is referred to as a “site”.  Appropriate roommates are identified, with services shared among all clients.  The client’s team may determine that some one-to-one support is needed for any individual client.  Staff are generally on site during all hours that the client is in the home, including sleep hours.  In a site, Hope Haven assumes primary responsibility for the client’s needs.

For more information contact: April VanHamme , 828 N. 7th, Burlington, Iowa 52601, (319) 754-4689, ext. 325, e-mail:


Lake View Apartments

Lake View Apartments consist of 18 independent living apartments is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) complex.  All rents are adjusted according to income. 


Individuals residing at Lake View Apartments are considered to be living independently and must be handicapped or disabled according to the Social Security definition.  Lake View Apartments are located in Burlington, Iowa, and as the name suggests, has a view of Walton Lake.


For more information contact the Vicky Martin, at (319) 754-5007 or e-mail at

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