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About The Program

Our Employment Services Program assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining community employment.


Individualized placement plans are implemented that identifies the person's job goal, strengths, skills, supports, and accommodations needed.


Both long and short-term support services are offered depending on the person's plan and needs.

Available Supports:

  • job placements

  • career exploration

  • job coaching

  • R.I.S.E Academy (occupational skills training)

  • skills training

  • customized employment

  • benefits education

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Now offering IPS (Individual Placement and Support)

What is IPS Supported Employment?


IPS is an evidence-based supports that helps individuals with serious mental illness be successful while working in their communities.  IPS is individualized and focuses on a person’s strengths and uses a multidisciplinary approach involving the individual's mental health team. It’s core belief is that work promotes wellness and recovery.

Practice Principles of IPS Supported Employment  

  • Focus on Competitive Employment  

  • Eligibility Based on Client Choice

  • Integration of Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services

  • Attention to Worker Preferences

  • Personalized Benefits Counseling

  • Rapid Job Search

  • Systematic Job Development

  • Time-Unlimited and Individualized Support

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Business Partnerships

Trained employment specialists will learn about your business and hiring needs and provide support with:

  • hiring and placement

  • education and training on accommodations and supports

  • customized employment options

"Hope Haven is a local organization in our community that often does not get the recognition they continuously deserve. They have multiple programs and services they offer to support individuals in our community but additionally they strive to create and provide positive partnerships with local employers in our area.  Hope Haven wants to make sure that every business partnership is beneficial for individuals and the employer.  The Hope Haven team will go above and beyond for their clients to make sure they are successful with work skills and training in any workplace."

                    -Heather, Doran & Ward Packaging

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