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Dual Diagnosis Program

River Cross

River Cross is 15-bed community-based Residential Care Facility developed to provide individualized supportive services to adults who are dually diagnosed with mental illness and substance abuse addiction.  We seek to enable program participants to live as independently as possible while addressing their mental health and substance abuse recovery needs.  Services are completely voluntary.  Individuals must be identified to not require inpatient hospitalization for acute mental health concerns and substance detox.  Our services will link persons with available service providers in the community, allowing these individuals to establish support networks, improve employment outlook, and re-integrate into an individual community setting. 

Hope Haven will provide a fully furnished residential setting with 24-hour support delivered by Direct Support Professionals who have obtained a combination of years of education and/or experience in the field of disability services.  Our supportive services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in establishing linkages to referral programs, service providers, medical care and appropriate treatment programs

  • Personal support services and assistance in meeting basic human needs

  • Medication support and monitoring

  • Housing and living arrangements

  • Crisis intervention

  • Social rehabilitation

  • Peer support

  • Social skills, leisure time education, and vocational rehabilitation

  • Family and community support, assistance and education

  • Protection and advocacy

  • Service coordination

  • Transportation

  • Access to religious activities and services


Hope Haven will partner with ADDS to provide treatment, rehabilitation, prevention and education related to substance abuse programs.  Certified substance abuse counselors will offer daily group and/or individual therapy sessions.  Hope Haven will also collaborate with LSI, who will facilitate mental health treatment through group and individual counseling sessions.  At times, these groups will be co-facilitated by counselors from each discipline.  Licensed master level mental health clinicians will provide services designed for crisis management and intervention, and include comprehensive assessments to evaluate the emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of each individual.

Due to the complicated relationship between psychiatric conditions and substance abuse, it is imperative that a comprehensive and blended approach is at the center of individual treatment plan development.  Professionals working within the River Cross will collaborate to provide ongoing supports in an integrated therapeutic environment.  This will include intensive discharge planning to link persons to natural supports and community resources needed for on-going recovery, community employment, and quality affordable housing opportunities.  Regular interdisciplinary staff meetings will be used to track progress and make necessary adjustments in the participant’s individualized service plan based on their treatment need.

Our mission:  Improve and enhance the emotional, spiritual, and physical health and well-being of the people we support.

Our vision:  Provide a new integrated standard of care and increase addiction and mental health recovery in the communities we serve.

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