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Serving the SE Iowa Community

We are a private non-profit organization that provides vocational, residential, community living, employment and crisis services for over 530 individuals in Southeast Iowa.


For over 70 years, Hope Haven has worked to create programs and services that offer guided support as well as real world skills that help our clients succeed. 

1950      Parents of disabled persons organized school program.


1963      Activity center formed to serve disabled adults.


1964      Association for retarded citizens organized a successful area-wide fund raising

                  program which secured funds to build Hope Haven school.


1970      Residence and activity center established with funds from successful community



1972      In July Hope Haven Area Development Center is incorporated.


1974      Work area in activity center doubled in size to accommodate increasing subcontract work.


1976      Area unions and businesses assisted with construction of additional warehousing and work space

                  to accommodate increasing population.


1979      Izaak Walton Lake property secured by a long term lease with Des Moines County Board of



1980      Can sorting center opens.


1981      Activity center moved into former Hope Haven school.


                  Hope Haven receive first 3 year CARF accreditation for Vocational Services.


1982      Walton group home constructed to serve 12 adult clients.


1983      Construction started on Lake View apartments to house 18 disabled adults. Opened October 1984.


1983-     Major gifts received toward financing construction of two residential care facilities for the mentally

1984      retarded.  Opened December 1984.


1984      Board voted to pursue fund raising feasibility study for intermediate care facility (ICF/MR) needs.


                  Three year CARF accreditation awarded to Vocational Services.


1985      Fund drive launched to construct two 8 person ICF's/MR for children and adults.

1987      Brueck and Ertz homes constructed.Adult Development Program opened to serve severely disabled

                  adults during the day.

                  Vocational services receives three year CARF accreditation.

1988      Supported Employment Program implemented.

1989      Mobile work crew organized to work at the Des Moines County Recycling Center. First off-campus

                  group home purchased at 614 Iowa Street to serve eight children who currently reside at Douglas



1990      Soap Haven car wash was operational for six months and provided training opportunities for 20



1991      Iowa Street group home closed because of significant financial losses incurred due to insufficient

                  foster care reimbursement system.

                  Supported Employment Program expanded to include three job coaches serving 28 clients in the



                  Funds secured for roof replacement/repair of Work Activity Center, Work Services, & Douglas


                  Hope Haven Area Development Center Foundation receives first contribution.


                  3 year CARF accreditation awarded to Vocational Services.


1992      Funds raised to renovate both mobile units and to purchase a new phone system and central air.


                  Adult Development Program moves to the north wing of the Douglas residence.


1993      Hope Haven receives Department of Human Services approval for Community Supervised             

                  Apartment Living Arrangement (CSALA).


                  Funds raised to refurnish Gugeler and Northwood group homes.


                  Grant from Witte Foundation enabled Hope Haven to purchase computer network system.


1994      Hope Haven is certified by the state as a provider of Supported Community Living, Respite, Home

                  and Vehicle Modification, and Supported Employment under the Home and Community Based

                  Services (HCBS) MR Waiver.  20 individuals received services under the waiver in the first year.


                  Board of Directors approve Hope Haven's Long Range Plan.


                  Funds raised to refurnish Walton group home.


                  Funds secured to renovate beverage can recycling center.


                  Vocational Services receives 3 year CARF accreditation.


1995      Hope Haven Area Development Center Foundation loaned the corporation funds to purchase a

                  duplex at Sixth and Market for the purpose of providing housing for persons with disabilities who                      are eligible for HCBS Services.


                  Beverage can recycling center renovation and expansion complete.  The Variety Center received 

                  new heating, cooling, restrooms, and has an attached garage.  The center is completely

                  handicapped accessible.


                  Expansion of Work Services parking lot complete.  Des Moines County donated the labor. 

                  Materials were purchased through private gifts.

                  Gardener's Tea Bag begins production.


                  Brueck home enclosed patio addition complete.  Funded by a private gift.


                  As part of residential downsizing, the Douglas group home closed its doors as a licensed

                  residential care facility for the mentally retarded (RCF/MR).

                  Ertz home living and dining rooms redecorated.  Funded by private gifts.


1996      Supported Employment expands to five job coaches and 54 persons served.


                  Ertz and Brueck group homes refurnished.


                  Elfun Society purchases materials and provides labor to replace the Gugeler Group Home roof.


                  Central Point Coordinators were hired for each county to implement county management plans for                    mental health services.


                  The Adult Development Program begins accepting referrals for persons not residing in the ICF/MR



                  Hope Haven acquires the management of Odessa Residential Care Facility serving 20 individuals.


                  Three-year CARF accreditation awarded to Hope Haven's Vocational Services Program.


                  Counties are no longer mandated by Iowa Code to fund all services for the mentally retarded.

                  County management plans implemented.

                  Vocational Services purchased a new engraving system funding primarily through contributions.


1997      Hope Haven begins the management of Odessa Residential Care Facility.


                  Hope Haven celebrates 25th year of incorporation.

                  Expanded Supported Employment and Job Placement Services to Lee County.


                  Restructured Work Activity and changed the name to Alternative Services with three distinct

                  programs being developed:  TEACCH, Life Enrichment and Life Skills.


                  ICF/MR celebrated its 10th year anniversary.


                  HCBS expanded services to include Louisa county.


                  The Walton Lake Recreation Education Conservation Committee formed.


1998      Opened a vocational program in Henry county called Mt. Pleasant Flexible Services.


                  HCBS receives 3 year accreditation with excellence from the Iowa Department of Human Services.


                  Community Based Assessment Services begins in Lee County.


                  Home and Community Based Elderly Waiver Services program begins providing adult day care and



                  Hope Haven implements “payee services”.


                  A $20,000 grant from the Witte Foundation allows the purchase of computer upgrades.


                  A car was purchased for Northwood group home with a $14,000 grant from the Witte Foundation.


1999      Human Resource Director position is established and hired.


                  Community Based Assessment expanded to include Des Moines and Lee counties.


                  Hope Haven Foundation receives largest contribution ($76,000) as the beneficiary of Everett

                  Summers IRA account.


                  Contributions allow flooring replacement of Ertz and Brueck Homes.


                  Parking lot across from Vocational Services is paved.


                  Agency video and brochure updated.     


2000      3 year CARF accreditation awarded.


                  Vocational Services cargo van purchased through contributions.


                  ICF/MR program is the recipient of the Ertz residence at 1904 Grube.


                  Vocational Services engraving business doubles.


                  Administration office expanded.


                  RCF/MR and ICF/MR are awarded deficiency free survey from the Iowa Department of Inspections

                  and Appeals.


                  Ertz Home receives van with wheelchair lift from the Variety Club and the Ahrold Family.


2001      The Board and Senior Management conducted strategic planning for the agency and developed the

                  following:  mission, vision, guiding principles, and long range plan.


                  A decision was made to close our Fort Madison office for cost containment reasons but we

                  continued to provide Community Living and Employment Services to consumers residing in Lee



                  Adopted a new agency logo.


                  Due to a lack of funding, the following programs were discontinued:  Life Enrichment and Adult 

                  Day Care.  Services continued for the consumers in other programs.


                  We received a $240,000 gift to the Hope Haven Foundation from the Don and Hazel Ertz Estate.


                   A 15 passenger van was purchased for HCBS with a grant from the Witte Foundation.


                   Installation of accessible dock on Walton Lake by GE Elfun Society and volunteers from the Walton

                   REC Committee.


2002       Hopefully Yours opened in October.

                  Douglas Building redecorated for HCBS and ADP programs.


                  Loan for the construction of Brueck and Ertz group homes paid off.


                  Window washing business started in June.


                  Community Living Services discontinued in Lee and Louisa counties.


                  Accessible sidewalk installed leading from Walton Group Home to the dock.


                  Agency adopts the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals Code of Ethics.


                  Became an employment network for Ticket to Work.         


2003      Received a 3 year CARF accreditation in all programs with no recommendations.


                  Vending business purchased in July.


                  Mt. Pleasant Street HCBS waiver home opened in October.


                  Truck/snow plow purchased with contributions in November.


                  Health Promotions/Safety Program implemented and funded through contributions.


                  Alternative Services and Adult Development Programs certified as providers for Pre-Vocational and

                  Adult Day Care Services under the waiver.


2004      Expanded waiver program to include Day Habilitation and PreVocational Services.


                  Purchased sublimation equipment and a laser engraving machine.


                  Created and hired a new position, Marketing Manufacturing Manager.


                  Opened the Respite Center to provide summer camps and group respite.


                  3 vehicles donated to the agency for Northwood, Alternative Services, and Supported Employment.


                  Upgraded the agency network which was funded by the Hope Haven Foundation.


                  Established an agency library in the Douglas Building.


2005      Hope Haven web site redesigned.


                  $40,000 grant received from Variety Club/Ahrold Family to renovate the respite center.


                  Mobile Unit donated from the Burlington Community School District to expand Hopefully Yours.


                   4 Eagle Scout projects completed including 2 map kiosks and 2 landscaping projects behind



                  Ertz Home redecorating project completed including replacement of flooring in hallway, living                              area, and kitchen, and new kitchen counters.


                  3 year CARF accreditation awarded.


                  In August a federal monitoring survey occurred at Woodlake ICF/MR.  State level surveys are                              conducted at least annually; however, this was the first federal level survey conducted since the

                  program opened in November 1987.  The program received one citation and the plan of correction

                  was accepted.


                  Hope Haven Redemption Center opened to the general public.


                  Received the Outstanding Recycling Business of the Year Award.



2006      Full-time store manager hired for Hopefully Yours.


                  Retail space for Hopefully Yours doubles due to the acquisition of the second mobile unit.


                  Odessa Residential Care Facility managed by Hope Haven closed due to declining census and lack

                  of appropriate referrals.


                  Ertz home kitchen remodeled.


                  Respite Center at 605 Market renovated and ramp added with a small addition to accommodate

                  persons with mobility limitations.


                  Women's waiver site opens at 103 Sixth Street.


                  Lee County Drop-In Center opened to provide social opportunities for Lee County residents with


                  Hope Haven was able to negotiate with the counties for an increase in rates for Vocational

                  Programs. The new rates went into effect July 1st.

                  Morning Sun waiver site opens.


                  Vending business discontinued.


                  Eagle Scouts, Cory Buck, Ray Buckles, and Mark Robertson, complete the first trail section along

                  the west side of Izaak Walton Lake.

2007      Hopefully Yours moves from the campus and leases space at 806 Jefferson, Burlington, Iowa.

                  New Executive Director hired.


                  Major clearing of the Izaak Walton Lake area and first segment of the trail system established. 

                  Izaak Walton Lake spill way repaired in an effort to raise the level of the lake.

                  Brueck Home kitchen, dining, and patio remodeled with funds donated from the Witte Foundation.

                  Hope Haven assumed the management of the Cottonwood Residential Care Facility.


                  New signage installed on Hope Haven campus.


                  The Douglas building was rededicated and renamed the Cullen Center.


                  Hope Haven receives Sustainability Award for Waste Reduction and Recycling.


                  The Witte Foundation provided the funds for Hope Haven to purchase a replacement truck for

                  Vocational Services.


                  The Administration building relocates their offices to 1307 Broadway, West Burlington, Iowa.


                  Community Living Services relocates their program to the old Administration building at 3711

                  Lenox, Burlington, Iowa.

                  Concrete repair work completed on Douglas Avenue, Brueck and Northwood parking areas.


                  Director of Operations position is established and hired.

                  The Krogmeier Family made a significant gift to the future building fund.


2008      Purchased property at 3615 Lenox.


                 Northwood Group Home sustains major fire damage.


                 $200,000 anonymous gift added to Hope Haven Endowment Fund.


                 $100,000 gift designated to the Building Fund.


                 Hope Haven receives Sustainability Award for Waste Reduction.


                 Three year CARF accreditation awarded.


                 Two additional segments of the Walton Trail system completed.


                 Began providing Day Habilitation in Mobile #7.


                 Major concrete work completed with donations, including sidewalks, ramps, and 2 additional

                 parking areas.


                 Car purchased for Brueck Home with donations.


                 A 15-passenger van purchased for Walton with donations.


                 A 1995 Mercury Mystique donated for use in Supported Employment Services.


2009     Opened the Market Street site.   


                 Began providing Home Based Habilitation for persons with mental illness.


                 New agency video created.


                 Variety Center received DNR grant to make the building more energy efficient.


                 Volunteers landscape Gugeler Group Home and Work Services.


                 New Executive Director hired.


                 House and garage on the corner of Lenox and Racine Streets removed.


                Work Services receives donations to remodel the client break room and replace the roof.


                A $422,000 grant awarded from the Iowa Finance Authority to construct 2 duplexes service 16



                A grant is received to purchase a baler for Vocational Services.


                Mobile Unit on Douglas Street is removed


                Director of Finance and Marketing is hired.


                “Building Hope” area-wide fundraising campaign launched.


                Construction of duplexes begins.


                Lee County Drop-In Center moved to larger location at 605 Seventh Street, Ft. Madison, IA.                 


2010    Alternative Services roof replaced.


                MOTTS program in Wapello opens.


                Purchased lot at 1808 Racine. 


                Governor Chet Culver visits Hope Haven.


                Hopefully Yours experiences significant flood damage.


                Added a second baler and sold our first semi-load of textiles.


                Duplexes opened – Krogmeier, Norrgard, Witte, and Racine.


                 “Building Hope” campaign goal reached.


                Hopefully Yours destroyed by fire on December 24th.


                Added 256 donors to our donor base.


2011    Band Together For Hope Fundraiser raises over $30,000 for Hopefully Yours.

                All flooring replaced in Walton group home.


                Complete renovation of two Lake View apartments.


                Vehicle replacements include:  maintenance truck, Vocational Services truck (received DNR swap

                grant), Brueck Home lift van, Alternative Services van, and Morning Sun van.


                Northwood kitchen remodeled.


                Hopefully Yours reopens in June at 425 Valley Street.


                Casper software program purchased in order to comply with the Health Care Reform Act.


                Property at 2100 Douglas Avenue purchased.


                2 storage mobile units on Douglas Avenue removed.


                Insulated all building roofs, doors and windows.


                Received a Technical Assistance Grant to provide training to other providers from around the state.


                Added 409 donors to our donor base.


                Hope Haven Girl Scout Troop formed.


                Largest contribution ($890,000) made to Hope Haven.


                Instituted sustainability program – time of day meters installed, energy efficiency lights installed.


                Pooled Special Needs Trust established.


                Hosted a Planned Giving Seminar.


                First truckload furniture sale at Hopefully Yours held.


                Eagle Scouts completed landscaping project at Cullen, Witte, Norrgard and Walton.   2 storage sheds


                constructed at Work Services.


                Major upgrade to agency network – five new software servers implemented on one hardware server.


                Addition of 4 new enclaves.


                3 Morning Sun residents moved into a new rental home.


                Purchased a building for Flexible Services at 500 N. Lincoln, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.


                Community outreach – 96 presentations, tours, and public relations events.


2012     Flex moves to 502 North Lincoln Street in Mt. Pleasant, IA


                Seven persons enroll in Hope Haven Pooled Trust.


                Fiber is added to Walton, Lake View, Gugeler, Northwood, Brueck, Ertz, Cottonwood, and the

               duplexes and all are added to the network.


                Received a $414,000 bequest from the Rose Gugeler Trust.


                Received   $50,000 grant from the Iowa Finance Authority to purchase the property at 408 Gunnison

                Street in Burlington,  IA.


                State - County redesign implementation process started by the State, Medicaid funding moves from

                County to State level.


                Flex holds public Open House in their new location.


                Hopefully  Yours holds- Open House to celebrate one year in new location and ten years in business.


                Gunnison Street Site opens to serve three individuals.


                Building purchased at 828 North 7th Street to house Administration, Community Living Services, and

                Employment Services.


               “Legacy of Hope” Campaign launched to raise funds for the Hope Haven Foundation and Endowment



               Received a DNR Swap Grant  for the purpose of purchasing a truck for the expansion of our recycling



               Added a second shift enclave to the Redemption Center to accommodate the increase in business,

               which more than doubled after the closure of our competitor.


               Established textile recycling  partnerships with the Fellowship Cup and Salvation Army.


               Employment Services partnered with Great River Regional Waste Authority in developing the First 

               Enclave in Lee County.


               Hope Haven celebrated 55 years of serving persons with disabilities.  A video was made depicting

               the last 55 years.



2013    Expanded enclave services to Lee County.


               Received $100,000 gift to assist with the renovation or construction of a new Hopefully Yours store.


               New administration office opens at 828 North 7th Street.


               $20,000 grant received from the Great River Medical Center Endowment Foundation for the purchase


               of a van with a wheelchair lift.


               Added enclave services to include:  Great River Regional Waste Authority, Great River Medical Center,

               SE Iowa Pigeon Show, Solid Rock Baptist Church, and 31 Credit Union.


               Morning Sun site residents move to a larger home to accommodate future needs.


               Seven persons added to the Hope Haven Pooled Trust for a total of 12.


               Stories Café managed by Hope Haven opens in the Burlington Public Library.



2014   $50,000 Iowa Finance Authority Grant received for purchase of Morning Sun home.


               Two persons added to the Pooled Trust for a total of 14.


               Opened a Crisis Stabilization Center to serve persons with mental illness.


               Opened a new residential site for 3 persons at 1000 Aspen Circle in Burlington.


               Kid’s Respite Camp is held at The Loft on Jefferson Street in Burlington.


               Received Estate bequests from the Ahrold, Fichenkort, Tiemeyer, Voglegesang, and Woodsmall



               Motts Drop In Center for persons with mental illness opened in Wapello.


               Jerry and Helen Smith purchased a new truck for the Hopefully Yours Store.


               Gardening programs were expanded to provide more produce and flowers.


               Alternative Services received the Chamber’s Most Beautiful Business Award.


               Hope Haven Foundation value reaches the three million dollar mark.



2015   Stories at The Loft opens.


               Senior Director of Programs hired.


               Northwood Group Home closes.


               $141,223.00 forgivable loan received from IFA to assist with the purchase of the Surrey Road Site


               Surrey Road Site opens.


               Foundation and Endowment combined surpasses $4  million mark.


               Legacy of Hope fund raising $1.55 million goal reached.


               SEIA Parrot Head Club raises $12,000 for the new Hopefully Yours Store


               $50,000 grant from SEIRP Housing Trust for the Woodsmall Home received.


               Received $535,00 from the Alice and Barney Woodsmall Estate.

               Stories at the Loft closes.

               Hope Haven enters into a contract to rent space in the Schramm’s Building.for a catering business.


               Received two $100,000 pledges to the Hopefully Yours Building Fund from the Harry and Virginia

               Murray Trust and Two Rivers Bank and Trust.


               Three year CARF Accreditation awarded.


               Hope Haven Video updated.


               Work Services secures major contract with Griffin Wheel.


               Opened two residential sites in Mt. Pleasant – Iris Street Home and Woodsmall Home.


               Expanded enclaves into Henry County.


2016   The Smith Site Home for three persons opened at 1819 Louisa Street in Burlington.


               State of Iowa privatizes Medicaid.  Hope Haven enters into contract with Ameri Health Caritas,

               Optum Behavioral Health Care, and Ameri Group.


               Tastefully Yours Bistro & Catering opens at 218 Jefferson  - Suite 1D in downtown Burlington.


               Groundbreaking for the construction of the new Hopefully Yours Store takes place in December at

               617 Jefferson Street in downtown Burlington.


               Hope Haven acquires Home Caring Services.


               Hope Haven acquires the Keokuk Area Group Home and it is renamed the Jackson Home.


               In January, fire destroys the Smith Sirte Home.  The residents move to Northwood as a temporary

               living arrangement.


               Agency brochure and Employment Services brochures are updated.


               The property at 1525 Mt. Pleasant Street in Burlington Cameron Building) is purchased for additional

               office space.


2017   Firewalls added to include all programs on the network.


               New Hopefully Yours store opens at 617 Jefferson.  Hopefully Yours receives 2 state-wide awards –

               Best Infill Project and Best New Construction Project.


               Two Estate Planning Seminars for Persons with Disabilities held for clients and their families.


               $1.7 million goal secured for the construction of the new Hopefully Yours store.


                ID Voter Training session held at Hope Haven.


                Hope Haven purchases a home (Iris Site) in Mt. Pleasant.


                Stories Café, located in the Burlington Public Library, closes.


                Major bequest is given to the Community Foundation, designated to the Hope Haven Endowment

                Fund from the Unterkircher Family


                Residents move to the newly built Smith Home.


2018     Homestead Autism Program  for Children leases the former Northwood Group Home.

                 Solar panels installed on Administration Building


                 Assistant Director of Development hired.


                 A major planned estate gift will be given to Hope Haven in the future


                 Work Services Day Hab clients and staff move to the Alternative Services Building


                 Peer Support Person hired for Lee County Drop-In Center


                 Gugeler Group Home changed from RCF/ID to 5 person HCBS Site Home


                 Burlington Day Hab clients  participate in Artscapes Show at the Art Center


                 Anonymous $50,000 gift received to renovate south end of Work Services Building to locate

                Maintenance Department


                $100,000 raised for solar installation.


                Director of Employment Services position added.


                Crisis Center achieves Chapter 24 Accreditation.


                The 6th Street site ID Waiver changes to a Habilitation Site.


                Senior Director of Programs certified  as a  C3 De-Escalation Trainer.

2019    Balance (formerly Homestead) Autism Program opens and leases former Northwood Group Home.


                New roof installed on Ertz Home and Alternative Services Day Hab Program.


                Solar panels installed on Ertz Home and Alternative Services Day Hab Program building.


                Gunnison Site Home residents move to home purchased at 332 Emmet Street – Oriano Home.


                Hope Haven receives approval from the Iowa Finance Authority for a $500,000 forgivable loan to                        purchase a home at 2629 Subilbe Street, construction of a home at 1736 Weimer Street and 713                        Layne Drive.  All homes will serve 4 individuals.


                House donated at 827 N. 7th Street, Burlington, Iowa.


                $275,000 raised for Solar cells.


                Hope Haven sells a land parcel at 512 N. Lincoln, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, near the Flexible Services

                program, to the city of Mt. Pleasant for flood control.

                Additional Director of Residential Hired (Dee Ann).

               Maintenance Department moves to 1819 Douglas Avenue and receives $50,000 anonymous gift for                   renovation.


               Former Maintenance Building at 3711 Lenox sold to a private individual.


               MCO, United Health Care, announces departure from serving long-term support services in Iowa.


               Pre-Vocational Services discontinued at Flexible Services.


               Tastefully Yours closed.

2020    Iowa Total Care is now a managed care organization (MCO) in Iowa.


               Groe Site Home opens serving 4 residents from Cottonwood.


               Alternative Services renamed Unterkircher Program.


               Solar installed on Unterkircher Program, Hopefully Yours, Witte, and Norrgard.


               Gunnison Street site home sold.


               $600,000 received from Wilma Groe Estate.


               The result of the Covid – 19 Pandemic closes day programs 3/18 – 3/31.


               Day Habilitation begins in site homes April 1st.


               Day Habilitation resumes at Unterkircher, Motts, and Flexible Services June 22nd.


               March 1st residents move into Murray Site.


               June 1st residents move into Lind Site.


               Cottonwood Residential Care Facility closes.


               Burlington Northern/ Santa Fe Foundation Awards Hope Haven a $10,000 grant for solar.


               Hope Haven Corporation receives $1.7 million forgivable loan through the Payroll Protection



               $10,000 anonymous gift received for the kitchen renovation at the Unterkircher Program.

               Employment Services – Small Group Employment (Enclave) were suspended the week of 3/17/2020

               and remained closed through the whole month of April 2020.

               Employment Services – Small Group Employment (Enclave) gradually resumed in May 2020.

               Employment Services staff person obtained a CESP certificate through ASPE. February 2020.

               Employment Services staff person became a certified Work Incentive Planner through Cornell

               University March 2020.

2021   Hope Haven receives $219,000 through the CARES Act for loss of revenue due to COVID 19.


               River Cross Dual Diagnosis Program opens.


               Hope Haven receives 160 hogs (valued at $30,000) from Tri-Oak. The pork was processed and was

               distributed to food pantries and non-profits as well as Hope Haven.


               Morning Sun site closes and residents move to Burlington site homes and Residential care



               FEMA Grant- Received $19,300.00 Additional grant requests pending.


               Annual Meeting is cancelled due to the pandemic.


               Hope Haven receives $100,000 gift to the Foundation from Herb and Alice Tjaden.


               Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded Hope Haven an $81,375.00 grant to assist with

               transportation for Employment Services clients.


               Solar panels installed on Lind, Murray and Flexible Services. The panels were funded through

               private contributions.

2022   Hope Haven Supported Employment began offering Individual and Placement Support (IPS).

               Hopefully Yours celebrated its 20 year anniversary.

               New Executive Director hired.

               Recruiting Coordinator position was created and filled.

               Hope Haven hired an Executive Assistant.

               Jim and Jeanne Mott donated the Mott's Program building to Hope Haven.

               Hope Haven purchased a home on South 14th Street in Burlington, Iowa.

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