Donations are gratefully appreciated!

We welcome gifts and donations and all contributions are deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes under the provisions of 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. To send a donation, or if you need more information, contact Julie Anderson, Director of Development and Community Relations, 828 N. 7th, Burlington, Iowa 52601, (319) 754-5774, x322 or

Click here for the charitable tax information for 2018.

Hope Haven Area Development Center Foundation

Hope Haven Area Development Center Foundation's mission provide support and long-term financial stability to Hope Haven Development Center Corporation through the accumlation and distribution of resources.

You may want to consider a gift to the Hope Haven Development Center Foundation. The Foundation received its first gift in 1991. It is governed by a combination of Hope Haven Board and staff members. The purpose of the foundation is to ensure the future of Hope Haven programs and facilities. The stronger the foundation becomes the better prepared we are for the future as well as "hanging on to what we have". Growth of the foundation will be an important factor in our future. We encourage and welcome all gifts - the foundation is funded through private charitable contributions, which may take the form of:

  • cash
  • appreciated securities
  • real estate or tangible personal property

Gifts of these items may be made outright or in a deferred gift such as:

  • bequests
  • trusts
  • life estate
  • retirement fund designations
  • life insurance

Leave a Legacy

Suggested Language For Bequest in a Will or Trust

I give to the Hope Haven Area Development Center Foundation, an Iowa (501)(c)3 nonprofit corporation, in Burlington, Iowa,

(Choose one of the following to indicate gift amount)

1. the sum of $ ____________

2. ______ percent (or all) of the residue of my estate.



Endowment Fund

The Hope Haven Endowment Fund is a part of the Hope Haven Foundation. Only the interest may be spent, leaving the principal untouched. It is our hope that the endowment would one day reach the point where the interest will make a positive impact on the financial future of the agency.


Many of us in our lifetime like to be remembered by leaving something for future generations. No finer gift could be made than a bequest in your estate plan for Hope Haven. Such a gift will not only provide many happy memories of you for your family, friends, and individuals who have helped at Hope Haven, it will also provide a tax savings in your estate.

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